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What is it ? :

First of all the Bluetooth is a wireless system allowing to transfer photos, videos or data's to a 15 meters' distance on a wide range of devices as mobile phones. But that system is also able to send another type of data as special signals which can, in only a few seconds, allow to fully control a mobile phone.
The Bluetooth Control's software is compatible with all mobile phones with the Bluetooth's option.
It can transform a simple mobile phone in a real practical tool for data recovery.
Bluetooth Control can be used on damaged mobile phones. It is very easy to use and to install. All instructions are given on the website.

Action potential :

You can see here all possibilities offered by Bluetooth Control :

- Call a target mobile phone
- Hang up for the mobile phone's owner
- Get text messages (download, delete and read)
- Lock the keyboard
- Remove the silence mode
- Change the volume
- Take the keyboard's control
- Change the language
- Get the telephone book
- Switch off the screen
- Get photos, video and music (read, download and delete)
- Reset the mobile phone
- Shut down the mobile phone

Screenshots :

Screenshot1 Bluetooth Control   Screenshot2 Bluetooth Control   Screenshot3 Bluetooth Control   Screenshot4 Bluetooth Control

attention logoReminder of the law:

Bluetooth Control is a tool allowing to control a damaged mobile phone (broken screen, broken keyboard, dropped into water).

You must use Bluetooth Control only on your own mobile phone !

Indeed, using Bluetooth Control on a mobile phone which is not yours is an invasion of privacy. Your are solely responsible for your actions and Bluetooth Hack cannot be responsible !
For more information, go to : link
Moreover we remind you that all received emails about topics as : "hack a mobile phone, hacking mobile phone, spy mobile phone, spying mobile phone" will be consistently removed. Thank you for your understanding.

Bluetooth Control manual Instructions' manual: Bluetooth Control manual 2

All instructions are included with the software

You can dowload the software by clicking on the link below :



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